TSA PreCheck works!

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I had an opportunity to use PreCheck at O'Hare today. I was able to walk up to agent, hand her my boarding pass and my NEXUS card, and walk right up to the xray. For the first time since 9/11/2001, I haven't had to unpack my computer bag to have its contents xrayed. I was able to use the backscatter Xray machine for me, as I have a metal hip, so the entire in and out of the TSA gate was done in under 3 minutes. Flying might actually become bearable. 
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It's been a while...

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I've been away from this blog for a year or more, and it's time to rejuvenate it. I have been writing occasionally in my blog at adobe.com, and I'd encourage you to visit that site to see what I've been up to.
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As I wait for my 3:48 flight to Portland Maine to depart sometime after 6:30 due to a "mechanical issue," I was surprised by a Delta representative who came to ask if everything was all right. I told her that no, it was not all right, and that Delta's business decision has once again made me question whether to continue my relationship with the airline.

Like so many of its competitors, Delta outsources the small market routes to regional carriers. When those planes break down or the regional carrier can't provide crews, then it is Delta who is the bearer of bad news. Since I, as a customer, can't distinguish between Delta and the partner, my trust in Delta erodes every time I fly.

To contrast, I had a flight earlier this week between Atlanta and JFK. That flight had a new plane with in-flight television, on-time departure, and a friendly and attentive crew. Between major hubs, flying with Delta is often a great way to go, but not when travel to a smaller airport is required.

My ask of Delta (and the other legacy carriers) is that they stop pretending to serve us in the smaller airports. Leave that to the carriers who care about the smaller airports, like Southwest and JetBlue. Allow the regional carriers to stand on their own, and I bet we would see a drastic transformation in their level of service.
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Last year, I recorded a Captivate 5 course for lynda.com. Over this summer, we recorded some additional content to add features from Captivate 5.5. That new content is now available.

Some of the new features that we cover include:
  • Free rotations
  • Shadows
  • Gradients
  • Exporting to iOS and YouTube
If you are an existing lynda.com subscriber, then the new content will automatically appear in your online library in the Captivate 5 course.
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Car Talk

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Back in September of 2008, our 1998 Chevy Venture died a steamy death. A call to Click and Clack at Car Talk told me that the car could be repaired, and that I should look for a broken intake manifold gasket rather than a broken head gasket.

Taking up the challenge, I was able to dig down into the engine and finally see the broken gasket. Unfortunately, it was dark by then, and it snowed overnight and that was the last time I looked in there. 

Yesterday, a car picker came by with a flatbed. He knocked on the door and offered me money for the dead car. I took it before he could change his mind, and he came to take it away today. 

Imagine the cascade of mice, bees and wasps as he dragged it off the ground!

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Recently, I recorded a series on Adobe's Digital Publishing Suite for Lynda.com!

with: James Lockman

Course Description:
Up and Running with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite shows designers how to create interactive publications for tablet devices using Adobe InDesign and the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite. Introducing this emerging publishing platform, author James Lockman discusses the DPS workflow, comparing it with existing EPUB and print workflows, and highlights key layout and design considerations when designing for DPS. The course explains how to incorporate hyperlinks, slideshows, panoramas, audio and video, and pan and zoom capabilities as a means of adding value to a publication. Lastly, the course sheds light on compiling interactive folios and testing and publishing finished projects. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics Include:
    • Determining your digital publishing market
    • Designing for an interactive publication
    • Creating buttons
    • Setting up image sequences
    • Building the panorama viewer
    • Configuring audio and setting video playback options
    • Creating a web viewer portal
    • Structuring articles into folios using the Folio Builder
    • Testing a folio locally 
    • Publishing folios
    • Building viewers for iPad and Android

2.68 Hours

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RIM, the makers of the BlackBerry Playbook, set up shop today on the corner of 34th and Broadway. Their bus and sidewalk tables allow the curious to kick the tires, so to speak, on their tablet computer. I can say that the device is a delight to hold and use. Its operating system is a leap forward for mobile computing, with additional gestures and true multitasking. Its video capture and playback is stunning, too. 

My son, Arthur, and I each developed apps for PlayBook under a developer challenge that RIM issued last fall. Now that the SDK is up to speed and Flash Builder 5.5 is out, apps are being made fast and furious. I am working on a blog entry on my Adobe Blog about using Flash CS5.5 and Flash Builder 5.5 to build one app and deploy it painlessly to iPhone, iPad, PlayBook, and Android. I am amazed at how easy it is to get the project done now.
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I came across this article in the Register about Flash's present and future on desktop and Mobile. 

The title is the provocative: Adobe Flash: 20m phones flip Steve Jobs the bird and it refers to the meteoric rise of Android phones. 

I am most intrigued by the claim that Steve Jobs' personal vendetta against Flash is the best thing to happen to Flash since, well, Flash. Jobs' claims of instability and of the player not being ready for mobile spurred Adobe in to high gear, and Flash Player 10.1 and 10.2 are the result.

The article also mentions that although Flash Player is forbidden on iOS devices, Adobe's AIR is allowed after a brief period where it was walled out by the terms of the Developer Agreement.

Since AIR is running on a plethora of Android and other devices as well as iOS, it seems that AIR is a smart choice for companies wishing to develop cross-platform applications quickly and with a minimum of recoding.

Add to this Adobe's next releases Flash Catalyst and Flash Builder (in public beta at Adobe Labs), which cater to multi-screen development, and you've got a complete app development environment for just about all screens. 
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Adobe has adopted a quarterly update schedule for Acrobat. The second Tuesday of the last month of Adobe's quarters will be update Tuesdays, and Adobe hit this one right on schedule. Acrobat 8,9 and X all got updates today.

System administrators appreciate schedules. They also appreciate software that updates on a schedule. Adobe is offering these quarterly updates via the desktop update mechanism as well as through a SCUP catalog for system administrators. This allows sysadmins to better manage the deployment of updates to Acrobat.

You can read more about today's updates here.
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I just got word that my Captivate 5 Essential Training course is now available on DVD.

Captivate 5 Essential Training

with: James Lockman

In Captivate 5 Essential Training, author James Lockman demonstrates the core features of Captivate 5, the popular tool for authoring e-learning content such as interactive presentations, click-through simulations, and customized assessments. He shows how to import and sync PowerPoint presentations, add interactivity, and incorporate audio, video, and voiceovers. The course also includes tutorials on assessment reporting and integrating with SCORM-compliant learning management systems. Exercise files accompany the course.

ISBN: 1-59671-706-8
UPC: 6-70557-02964-1
SKU: 02964
Duration: 7.25 Hours

Includes Closed Captions

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