Adobe Releases Acrobat 10.0.1 right on schedule

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Adobe has adopted a quarterly update schedule for Acrobat. The second Tuesday of the last month of Adobe's quarters will be update Tuesdays, and Adobe hit this one right on schedule. Acrobat 8,9 and X all got updates today.

System administrators appreciate schedules. They also appreciate software that updates on a schedule. Adobe is offering these quarterly updates via the desktop update mechanism as well as through a SCUP catalog for system administrators. This allows sysadmins to better manage the deployment of updates to Acrobat.

You can read more about today's updates here.
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Would you know WHY the filesize of Acrobat Reader 10.0.0 (35M) grew so much? Ver 10.0.1 is now 47M.

Did the embed some junk?
I hope not as it is already bloated.

Clients are starting to ask for alternatives and there are many slimmer free readers out there.


Please don't misinterpret my remarks. I always install Acrobat Reader on all the systems I work with (new or ones that I wipe and reinstall). I agree that it is the only one that works with all PDFs.

I didn't know about the sandbox, thanks!

I would like to be able to download the latest EXE though. Currently, one must download 10.0.1 and then run the updater to get to 10.0.3. I don't like having many programs constantly checking for updates (JAVA, Flash, Apple, FireFox, etc.). I use CCleaner to disable all these and cut down the number of tasks that are running.

When I take any laptop out of the box, it usually has 95+ tasks running. Worse, they have older versions of Java and Acrobat. Rather than uninstall, reboot, reinstall, I find it easier and faster to wipe and reinstall. That way I cut the processes in Windows 7 to 32-40 (depends on hardware options like fingerprint scanners and webcams)

Yes, I would call them bloated :) They are also bad for the environment (noise, pollution, etc) and your wallet.
At least you are not as bad as Larry Ellison wanting to fly a MiG :)

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