Got rid of the 1998 Chevy Venture today

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Back in September of 2008, our 1998 Chevy Venture died a steamy death. A call to Click and Clack at Car Talk told me that the car could be repaired, and that I should look for a broken intake manifold gasket rather than a broken head gasket.

Taking up the challenge, I was able to dig down into the engine and finally see the broken gasket. Unfortunately, it was dark by then, and it snowed overnight and that was the last time I looked in there. 

Yesterday, a car picker came by with a flatbed. He knocked on the door and offered me money for the dead car. I took it before he could change his mind, and he came to take it away today. 

Imagine the cascade of mice, bees and wasps as he dragged it off the ground!

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