So, who do you ask for car advice? Tom and Ray, of course

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So, I called Car Talk to ask about the future of my 1998 Chevy Venture, whose head gasket had blown, and which will cost around $2,000 to repair. the options are these:
1) have it fixed
b) fix it myself
iii) donate it to Maine Public Broadcasting.

They bit, and took my call today. You'll have to tune in to Car Talk between now and two weeks from now to find out their answer, which surprisingly was neither of the above! I'll post a link to the show if it becomes available.

For those who remember, I was also on Michael Feldman's Whad'Ya Know? back in 2001.
Review the Show from 2001 I'm on at the end of the first hour and the beginning of the second hour. It is worth it just to see how I am the FOURTH caller, and I get on the show with a yes or no question. No kidding!

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