Apple iPad a disappointment...

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I just saw the video on the iPad. Specs are at
At minimum, I was hoping for a front-facing video camera for Skype or Connect, but no soap. Also, the conspicuous absence of Flash left me severely disappointed. As a giant iPhone, it's cool, but I won't be running out to buy one, even at $499.
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I own and have been using an ipad for 3 months and its anything but disappointing.

The iPad definitely wins this one. The Kindle's black and white screen is nowhere near as attractive as the full color experience that the iPad offers. The iPad can also offer more interactivity that the Kindle can't match. This might include video interviews with the author or detailed maps.Without a doubt, iPad users will have a larger selection of books available to them. Why is this? Well, Kindle already has a Kindle App that is available for free for the iPad. This means that any title that is available to a Kindle owner will, by default, be available to an iPad owner. In addition to this, iPad owners will also have access to all the titles that Apple offers through its deals with various major publishing houses.

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